Image credit: Joyce Kozloff Hidden Chambers 1976

Art Hysterical Notions of Progress and Culture (1978)


Art Hysterical Notions of Progress and Culture was written by Valerie Jaudon and Joyce Kozloff in 1978. Both were founding members of the feminist Pattern and Decoration movement that formed in the United States in the late Seventies. The movement was united in a desire to interrogate all forms of abstraction especially those often deemed trivial by Western art critics. They understood that this was a particular point of view – one that privileged fine art practices over art forms associated with crafts and the supposedly feminine realm of the domestic.


Jaudon and Kozloff understood that in the rest of the world pattern and decoration were considered far from low status and were in fact often valued as the highest forms of visual expression. They published their manifesto in Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics, arguing that the prejudice underpinning art criticism needed to be challenged and re-written. 

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