Image credit: Tania Bruguera. Dignity Has No Nationality (2011)

Migrant Manifesto (2011)



Artist and activist Tania Bruguera conceived the idea for the Immigrant Movement International when she saw how immigrants were misrepresented by the media during a wave of riots that swept France in 2005. The riots were triggered by the deaths of two young men who had been killed trying to escape police harassment in a Paris suburb. The riots were a swift response to what was seen as the heavy-handed policing of poor migrant neighbourhoods. The result was a push back from the French government with tighter restrictions on immigration being put in place.


Bruguera initiated a long-term art project in response and the result – Immigrant Movement International – now operates as a grass-roots community action group, running periodic events and providing among other things free legal advice in countries across the world. 


The Migrant Manifesto was written in collaboration with immigration academics, activists, politicians, and community members during an event held in New York in 2011. It was read in public for the first time by Tania Bruguera during the UN Student Conference on Human Rights later that year.

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