Photo credit: Carla Accardi, Carla Lonzi e Elvira Banotti a Roma nel 1970, fotografia di Pietro Consagra © Archivio Pietro Consagra, Milano

Revolta Femminile Manifesto (1970)


The Rivolta Femminile was the first female-only feminist group in Italy. It was established in Rome in 1970 by Carla Lonzi, Carla Accardi and Elvira Banotti.


Together the group put together a manifesto which they pasted on walls across Rome in July 1970. The Scritti di Rivolta Femminile publishing house was also founded in 1970 in Milan by Carla Lonzi; the group used this (along with walls all over the city) to disseminate writings aimed specifically at other women. They introduced ideas of separatism and self-awareness as an encouragement for women to analyse and define the distinctive ways they operated in society and to enable change.

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